Being familiar with Victor Brake Styles And Soundboxes

Victrolas went through numerous various brake models and soundboxes. In the earliest styles to The brand new Orthophonic Victrolas, there have been at the least four iterations of brake models that were designed.

In the meantime, soundboxes arrived in 5 many iterations starting from the period of 1906 right until 1925 when Victor produced its Electrola styles. These soundboxes have been bought in possibly gold or nickel plate finishes. Most models are interchangeable.

Brake Styles

The following are classified as the brake types which were deployed by Victor:

1. Bullet Brake

Noticed inside the earliest designs of Victrolas, this external design and style sort was used to quit the turntable and is alleged to seem identical to a similar system utilized through the exterior horn Victor equipment.

two. Tab Brake

Victrolas with the tab brake layout experienced the leather-based “stop” placed inside the turntable rim which makes it look invisible through the check out of your operator.

3. Semi-Automated Brake

Launched in 1913, this style authorized the user to preset the shutoff place manually in the event the file concerns an finish, By doing so, it enables the brake for being engaged via the tonearm extension rod at the end of playback.

4. Totally Computerized Brake

Present in The brand new Orthophonic Victrolas in 1925, the Innovative program of Fully Automatic Brake expected no person configurations mainly because it depends entirely over the history’s eccentric stop groove so as to induce the brake.


Most consumers would opt for paying for later Variation of soundboxes which they originally supposed for use on older phonograph products. It is because the latter layouts displayed Improved audio replica. Interestingly, the so-named “updating” of soundboxes gave the impression to be inspired by Victor sellers. Therefore, it is actually frequent to discover an early product of Victor that will come mounted with a later-classic soundbox.

The subsequent are the various styles for your soundbox that were launched:

one. Exhibition Soundbox

From 1906 nearly January 1918, all Victrola models used the Exhibition Soundbox style. click here This style is normally identified by the script found on the facet with the soundbox. It is additionally scaled-down in diameter compared to the No.2 style.

two. No. two Soundbox

The more substantial No.two Soundbox was introduced on sure Victrola types (XIV, XVI, and XVII) within the latter Component of 1917. This design and style experienced a “fatter” tone arm and arrived in either gold or nickel plate.

3. Orthophonic Soundbox

This soundbox iteration experienced a definite look. It includes a skinny aluminum diaphragm which changed the sooner mica design. Earlier versions had brass housings even though afterwards variations arrived in pot-steel which has a tendency to crack with age. The out there finishes for this style had been antique brass, nickel or gold.

4. Magnetic Soundbox

Introduced in 1925 on Victor’s Electrola versions, the Magnetic Soundbox utilised a coil and magnet process in translating the history vibrations into your amplifiers’ electrical alerts.

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